Introduction & Advanced Crystal Ball

Introduction & Advanced Crystal Ball software


2-Day Professional Development Workshop


East Asia Training & Consultancy Pte Ltd invites you to attend a two-day professional development workshop on “Introduction & Advanced Crystal Ball software”.

Course Programme I
This comprehensive 2-day workshop will cover everything about Crystal Ball software, with the Basic and Advanced Crystal Ball simulation materials plus high-level real options topics. Coverage includes the basics of Monte Carlo
simulation, how to develop Crystal Ball models, how to gain insights from simulation results, and the best ways to present your findings to peers, management, or clients. There will be ample hands-on instruction and real-world
case studies. Participants will be shown how to develop basic & advanced Crystal Ball models through the analytical tools of Crystal Ball Standard and Professional (Optimizer) Editions. Extend your understanding of Crystal Ball to include optimization, time-series forecasting, tornado analysis, scenario analysis, how to make optimal decisions using Crystal Ball and OptQuest, and the reminder covers time-series forecasting, model building techniques and the CB Tools.

Who should attend
The course is an excellent introductory and refresher course and a quick way to learn about the latest analytical tools and features in Crystal Ball software. Intermediate-level modelers with some Crystal Ball experience can also gain valuable insights and tips from our expert trainers. It is also suitable for those intermediate and advanced Crystal Ball users who want to expand their modeling tool set. By the conclusion of this course, you will have covered most, if not all, of the suite of tools in the Standard & Professional (Optimizer) Editions. We encourage attendees to bring along their own models to discuss with our expert trainers during breaks or after class.




Sep 05 - 06 2024


9:00 am - 5:00 pm




EATC Office
3 Raffles Place, #07-01, Bharat Building, Singapore 048617.