Statistical Methods for research using Stata



3-Day Professional Development Workshop


East Asia Training & Consultancy Pte Ltd invites you to attend a three -day professional development workshop, reviewing statistical methods for research using Stata to analyse the course databases. Stata is the well-known statistics and econometrics software package developed by StataCorp (USA). Stata is a statistical software package that offers a broad range of statistics to professional researchers in many disciplines. Stata is particular useful to professionals working in areas of business, social science, health and medical research, education, economics and science.

Course Description
The comprehensive ‘hands-on’ workshop will provide an in depth look at how Stata can be used for statistical research in business, government, education, healthcare, and science. Every stage in the research project will be discussed. The first half-day will be devoted to providing participants with an overview of Stata; the final half day will consist of participants leaning how to write their own statistical tests as well as how to construct Iteratively Re weighted Least Squares (IRLS) and Maximum Likelihood commands. Participants will also learn how to develop simulated data sets of a specified distribution. During the main part of the course, discussion will emphasize the use of research models such as logistic regression, count response regression models, categorical response models, panel/longitudinal models, and mixed effects models for understanding the specific goals of a research study.

Who should Attend
This course is of value for Stata & non-Stata users as well. It is a course on research design and appropriate tests and models. We’ll teach non-Stata users the basics of Stata so that you can implement these methods into your research, but you can also translate many methods into your own preferred software application; eg. SAS, SPSS, S-Plus/R, Genstat. In other words, this course is suitable to researchers across many disciplines as well as users of most any software. Case studies are from business, social science, health and medical research, education, and science.



Jun 26 - 28 2024


9:00 am - 5:00 pm


EATC Office
3 Raffles Place, #07-01, Bharat Building, Singapore 048617.

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Bharat Building

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Singapore 048617.