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Seminar & Conferences

East Asia Training & Consultancy Pte Ltd offers customised seminars and lectures to individuals and corporates to strengthen and update their analytical skills.

The majority of our public courses and seminars are in risk analysis, risk management, econometrics, health economics and statistics. These seminars are conducted in English language and in Singapore.

We conduct in housed or customised seminars and workshops on areas in risk management, finance, economics, statistics, quantitative analysis, health economics, pharmacoeconomics and management.

We have assisted clients to arrange seminars that are not on our calendar and out of Singapore.

If you are interested in any other seminars or workshops, please contact us.

You may send us an email or call us for a discussion for seminars to be conducted in or out of Singapore.

We look forward to working with you.

For enquiries on Seminar courses, please email us at or


Cash upon delivery. Self-collection. For orders above S$300, free delivery. Limited stocks left.

Please email us at with subject header: Books

    1. ACOCK "Discovering Structural Equation Modeling using Stata"
    2. ROYSTON, LAMBERT " Flexible Parametric Survival Analysis using Stata: Beyond the COX model"
    3. LONG, FREESE "Regression Models for Categorical Dependent Variables using Stata" (2nd edition)
    4. LONG "The workflow of data analysising using Stata"
    5. STERNE "Meta Analysis in Stata: An updated collection from the Stata Journal"
    6. MITCHELL "A visual guide to Stata graphics" (3rd edition)
    7. MITCHELL " Interpreting and visualizing regressions models using Stata"
    8. HARDIN, HILBE "Generalized Linear Models and Extensions" (3rd edition)
    9. RABE-HESKETH, SKRONDAL "Multilevel and Longitudinal modeling using Stata Volume II : Categorical responses , counts and survival" (3rd edition)
    10. CLEVES, GOULD,GUTIERREZ, MARCHENKO "An introduction to survival analysis using Stata" (3rd edition)
    11. BAUM "An introduction to Stata programming"
    12. BAUM "An introduction to modern econometrics using Stata"
    13. JUUL, FRYDENBERG "An introduction to Stat for Health Researchers" (3rd edition)
    14. KOHLER, KREUTER "Data analysis using Stata" (3rd edition)
    15. BERKETI "Introdcution to Time series using Stata"
    16. GOULD, PITBLADO, POI "Maximum likelihood estimation using Stata" (4th edition)
    1. MUN "Applied Risk Analysis - Moving beyond uncertainty in business"
    2. MUN "Real Options Analysis"